B Ayesha Inc.

Be a "S.H.E." Who Lives!

B Ayesha Inc. is a Women's Empowerment Brand. We strive to exemplify, mentor and empower, women and girls, to find their purpose and navigate the world.


B Ayesha Inc. is the brainchild of Bina Ayesha Banks. After surviving a stroke, her goals became her mission.

In January 2013, the dream of owning her own boutique finally evolved into what is now The BAye Hive Boutique. She wants to empower women to believe in themselves and do the things that are their passion. She also wants to provide sensible prices for today's fashion savvy individuals.

We are a veteran owned/operated entity.
"Be A S.H.E. Who Lives!!"
S.H.E. = Successful | Happy | Electrifying