About Us

B Ayesha Inc. was created to bring modern clothing with affordable prices. We have stretched beyond our online boutique to creating original prints and designing unique pieces that are accessible to all.​

But our passion goes beyond great clothes. Since day one, we’ve championed values of women empowerment and inclusivity. We’re dedicated to serving our community by celebrating their stories and offering a full range of sizes.

With B Ayesha Inc., your imagination is at your fingertips.
Our mission is to be the authority on helping others reach
what they may feel unimaginable.
We design art. Customize clothing on demand, coach individuals and
businesses and much more just waiting for You.
We're glad you're here.

Meet The Team

B Ayesha Inc. is a family based business. We pride ourselves on including family in all that we do.

Bina Banks

Executive Director


"Be S.H.E. Successful. Happy. Electrifying!"

Bina is a veteran of the United States Air Force. She has three sons, and two bonus daughters and is happily married. 

Bina founded B Ayesha Inc. in January 2013.
She currently resides in Jacksonville, FL. She is a certified Mindfulness, CBT, Life, and Happiness Coach. She's also a Registered Yoga Instructor. 

Lamar Banks

Managing Director

"She does all the work. I'm just here to keep her on track. LOL!"
Lamar Banks is happily married to Bina Banks. He has two daughters and three bonus sons. He's retired from the United States Air Force.
While on Active Duty, Lamar served in Ammunitions. He retired in 2015.​
Lamar currently resides in Jacksonville, FL.